Register as an Artist

Hands On Art receive many enquiries from organisations who require artists for workshops, commissioned work and other projects. We are looking for reliable artists who can complete this work.

The Artist Registry – Why Join?

  • Be provided with real opportunities to work.
  • Career development.
  • Promotion of your art, projects and services.
  • Be found by others who seek your expertise.
  • Allow others to purchase your work or arrange commissions.
  • Find support from fellow artists for projects, access advice and information, join forums or find others to work with you.
  • Connect and engage with other artists and communities.
  • Receive reduced rates for exhibition hire and running workshops at the Substation.
  • Have your workshops, classes, projects, events and exhibitions publicised.
  • Have articles, upcoming events and other information put in our news section.
  • Participate in Hands On Art projects or events. All artists and volunteers who work on Hands On Art projects are covered under our insurance.
  • For art students and emerging artists, gain opportunities to work with established artists on large scale projects, be involved in group exhibitions, art programs and workshops, find mentors, gain experience and knowledge through internships and work experience.

Who Can Join the Artist Registry?

  • Professional community artists, photographers, web designers, graphic designers, sculptors, performers and art therapists.
  • Emerging artists and students can join as an associate member for $10 per year. This allows them to participate in art exhibitions run by Hands On Art.

Artist registry membership will help promote the value of the artist and their art to communities everywhere.

We require artists to have proven experience working in community groups and provide us with a list of professional projects they have completed.

Membership to the Artist Registry is $25 per person per year. This includes an associate membership to Hands On Art.

By joining the registry you will be helping to build a strong and dynamic art fraternity that can only help the future of all artists; by demonstrating that artists are essential to creative learning and in changing lives for the better.

Your fee will go to helping the Artist Registry grow in strength, and improve on services it can offer artists.

Hands On Art is an artists’ initiative and independent, not-for-profit organisation and charity.

To Join

Download the Artist Registry Application Form and return it to us for approval. You can submit the completed form here, along with any relevant files you may wish to submit. You can also email us the form, or drop it off or post it to Hands On Art. See our contact details here.

    Upload any relevant attachment here. Limit 2mb per submission, file types allowed: .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .pdf