The main reason for my love of art is the wonderfully therapeutic power experienced when a person is creating art or viewing art.

My aim is to support people by using art to improve their quality of life, from kids to elders and especially people who are in need of mental health support.

I came to Australia in 2010. Prior to that I worked as a Registered nurse in Hokkaido Japan. Since coming to Australia I have worked as an assistant nurse in aged care for 8 years.

My work experience has highlighted the great benefits of using creative techniques to help care for people of all ages.

I enjoy all sorts of art, especially drawing/ painting which involves a lot of repetition such as

  • Mandala: geometric patterns (often circular) or
  • Chigiri-e: Japanese art form in which torn pieces of coloured paper are glued together to create images

I love using natural materials such as wood and flowers in my art works.

I also enjoy using light and shadow to create a sense of fluidity and motion.

I hope my art works create a sense of joy and calm for the viewer.

I dream of one day holding an exhibition in Australia as well as internationally.

I would also love to make a comic book (Japanese “Manga” style) showcasing my many and varied experiences in Australia.