Hands on Art are running Shine a Light for Children 2019 in the lead up to Queensland Child Protection Week. Community groups from throughout Queensland can run their own lantern making workshops with the help of our starter lantern packs and instructions! We’re going to be state-wide lighting lanterns during Child Protection Week to remember the importance of child protection awareness. Get in touch with us at handsonart@communify.org.au to find out more.

Please note – all lantern packs for the 2019 project have been allocated to community groups and organisation. If you would like to run a lantern workshop with your community, you can use our DIY Lantern Instruction Pack to create lanterns using easily found recycled materials!

 “We love the Shine a light for Children- Lantern Project’ We pride ourselves on educating children in making a difference and the lantern project is true to our philosophy. We first came across the ‘Hands On Art’ Lantern Project in 2018, as a community grant recipient and holding an event for Child Protection Week. ‘Hands On Art’ provided the lanterns for the day, contributing to a more positive community experience. The results were nothing short of beautiful and inspiring, to see families working together on their lanterns, mums, dads with their children, siblings and extended family and friends. Once again I am excited to be involved in the Lantern Project, they will become a focal point for an Action Research Project I am doing on Mental Health and Wellbeing, called ‘A Healthy Balance’. Creating the lanterns give children and their families a chance to explore unstructured imagination and creativity, this can have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing, reduce stress as well as improve mood, self-esteem and happiness. The lantern project supports my vision that my learning community should be strong, more positive, inclusive and resilient, where children will thrive and stay safe.”

Watch this space for more information and how-to videos coming soon.

Shine a Light for Children