I am a graphic designer with a Masters in Visual Communication from a German university and many years of experience working in the Creative Industries.

I have worked in big advertising agencies and small design studios though recently I have mostly worked from home as a freelance designer.

For the last two years I have been building my own online business selling illustrations, posters and art prints at www.descart.com.au.

I only moved from Townsville to Brisbane a year ago and creating my own designs gives me the artistic freedom to move away from corporate jobs.

As a mother of three I have always enjoyed making art with kids. Since 2010 I have run art classes for kids and young adults. Kids have an amazing creative potential to work with. In my stop motion animation classes they can develop their painting and drawing techniques and at the same time explore digital story telling.

To see some stop motion film clips, go to: www.facebook.com/pg/Littleartschool/videos/.

In 2015/16 I facilitated a community stop motion workshop funded by RADF. In this workshop series participants of different ages created stop motion clips about Climate Change.

And here is a clip that I developed over the period of 7 weeks with students from a primary school in Bohlevale, Townsville:

This year I have also started teaching a design class at QUT. What I love about being a tutor is working closely with the students, sharing my passion for the arts and design while passing on some ‘old school’ knowledge.