I’ve always loved art since childhood. I believe miracles and art are of the same thread. When I young I saw a painting of my mothers evidenced with tears that had moved down the cheek of a figure called Tara. A Tibetan Deity. From then on I was inspired as an artist. 

Art I find serves as a gateway to shift consciousness. It’s what’s enabled me to transform my own life filled with purpose and meaning and to better connect with others. It’s why I’ve studied art therapy, yoga and massage.

In 2017 I self published and crowdfunded a book with full of illustrations inspired by the impact of plastics on marine animals and by the needs of our changing world.  

In 2013 I hosted an art festival with artists from around the globe to help the plight of turtles impacted by plastics. 

My work has been shown here in Australia and overseas over the past 10 years. 

I am currently building the Creative Mastery  program to amplify creativity whilst continuing my passion for painting.