Claudia has been creator of art and fashion for over 19 years, delivering many community projects and workshops to students and adults around Queensland, while working as a free-lance artist and tutor with Flying Arts Queensland in Wearable Art, Mosaics, Recycled Art and Public Art.

Pushing the boundaries when it comes to unusual materials is what I love to do. As an artist I create to inspire people. Social and environmental issues go hand in hand when creating.  It’s a platform to voice, explore and discover. For me, it’s about creating with recyclables, wowing my audience, while fostering the art of creative thinking and giving reuse a DELUXE finish“.

Claudia dreams big, creates with passion, and, as a result, inspires us to do so ourselves, by fostering the individual and the wider community through her wearable art workshops, public art and events.

With skills and experience in a variety of fields—from creative director, workshop facilitator, fashion designer to artisan craftswoman and educator, Claudia’s extraordinary talents offer a creative vision that not only pushes boundaries and crosses mediums, but fosters individuals and communities to strengthen their resilience, grow and diversify.

Dress the Central West” working with communities in and around Western Queensland in 2019 as the creative director and educator to create wearable art. The project was a 6-month collaborative journey that inspired, engaged, encouraged and empowered local people within central west communities to find “Beauty within the Drought”.


Junkies Magazine, Stella Magazine, Duo Magazine, Arts QLD, Shuba Magazine, Ruth Magazine, Laud Magazine, Luxxus Magazine, Journal Magazine, Rural Weekly.

Miss Universe Australia – National Australian Costume.

Creating an iconic wearable art garment, which tells the story about our Aboriginal culture and communities- showcased on an international stage.



Mobile: 0427 097 911