Transforming your Spaces

The creative team at hands on art, in collaboration with qualified design professionals and tradesman will transform your under utilized spaces into functional and memorable play-scapes.

  • A free onsite consultation is conducted by a qualified design professional.
  • A design fee proposal will be prepared following the initial consultation
  • On confirmation of our design fee, the design team will survey, measure and identify existing features, drainage, and services.
  • A concept drawing will be presented to the client providing an opportunity to discuss adjustments and details to the proposed design.
  • Following confirmation of concept, drawings will be drafted up to full working drawings and issued for tender, construction.

Community Consultation

If the client desires, a community design workshop can be arranged. This will encourage participants, parents and children to create and re-imagine the space. The information collected will further inform the design and initial concept drawings.

Our Design Principles

 Artgarden is a philosophical, principled, and practical approach to designing, developing, maintaining and evolving playground ecologies that allow people to bond with nature and the environment through creative and imaginative play.

Outdoor Learning  provides stimulus for growing the imagination and creativity. Increases the students awareness of the natural environment, ecosystems, natural processes and sustainable practices.

Caring for the environment  An awareness of the natural environment considers biodiversity and natural resources, balances the natural with the built environment and develops positive and lasting connections between local ecology, history and culture.

Inclusiveness  An inclusive environment is conducive to developing social interaction, cooperation and developing a community spirit. By adopting universal design principles and recognising cultural diversity, places can be free of barriers and encourage a sense of pride and ownership for all users to enjoy.

Ownership and participation Encourages responsibility and governance for the care and development of their space, so as to develop a true sense of ownership and belonging.

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Our Team

Jeff Cheyne

Director of Hands on Art. Many years experience in creating spaces and community consultation. Jeff’s imagination, bold use of colour and materials, will add the theatre and magic to your creative play space.

Daniel Craddock

BDes (Hons) Landscape Architecture. Daniel’s qualifications and experience in design, landscaping, project management and disability access provides the knowledge and experience required to ensure a cost-effective design which will creatively engage with all users, abilities and site.