Grahame has a B.A. in fine arts, sculpture, Monash University, Melbourne 1985. Three years experience welding using scrap-steel, some of the results looking very cubist.

Other subjects, drawing, sketching, oil painting. The artworks of a doorway, passageway laneway highway paintings, of ones innocence, the creative, like some untapped sanity. And at times if an idea doesn’t seem to work, that’s just part of the creative challenge our contemporary world. These drawings, paintings, finished or unfinished have been shown in exhibitions, in Brisbane and Melbourne.

My involvement in community projects. One was in a Moomba float in Melbourne, this float won an award for originality. There were about 20 artworkers involved, and not forgetting the kids from Box Hill Primary who wore animal masks. The main section of the float being a truck, decorated with fauna surrounding a didgeridoo player.

In Brisbane, Grahame has been involved in various community projects, one, was turning a wooden box into a T.V. set, for a theatre production.

One of the more unusual projects, I was one of 6 artworkers carving camphor-laurel logs during a two-day festival in Davies Park. Workshops: a workshop in drawing at linden house, Melbourne. A ceramic workshop (handbuilding) at the Brisbane Institute of Art.

Attended a flying arts workshop, “developing school murals”.


  • Margarite Ariva Issaac. The creative world, oil painting “areoplane busy”.
  • Richard Blundell. Griffith Uni.  The creative dairy. The ideas in drawing.
  • Jane Gallagher. Modus gallery. Oil paintings on newspaper.


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